Winter ad: Campaign by McCann Oslo for Ruter, the public transportation provider in Oslo, Norway.

Every year Ruter has a small winter campaign to get citizens of Oslo to travel by public transportation to winter activities in the city (snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and so on.) But this year the winter in Oslo was unusually warm, and there were no snow for winter fun. So we changed the message of the campaign and gave people another reason to travel by public transportation.

Copy: "There are many reasons to think environmentally friendly. Thank you for choosing public transportation".

Created: January 2014

Credits: Stein Simonsen, Torstein Greni, Bjørn Erling Solberg, Beate Haugane, Marte Langfjæran, Rebecca Zeller, Vibeke Harlem, Yvonne Waage, Siri Brathagen