Marriage Saving Guarantee: Fictional case for Turismo De Lisboa (Visit Lisbon) made at the Young Creatives competition in Eurobest 2011, Lisbon.

Brief: Get americans to visit Lisbon for a city break.

Lisbon is the perfect place to visit for couples who need to spark up the passion in the relationship. The divorce rate in the US is 50%. We decided to introduce «the marriage saving guarantee» - if your ailing marriage isn’t saved by a trip to Lisbon, you’ll get your money back (*requires divorce within a year).

We spread the word at marriage counseling offices, websites about couples therapy etc, and relevant magazines. We also believe that the enormous PR potential this idea has, can be used as a channel to tell everyone else that «Lisbon is the perfect place to visit with your partner.»

Created: November 2011

Silver, Young Creatives, Eurobest 2011

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